Roland has been sailing the planet for almost 30 years and if offshore racing has revealed the beauties of the ocean to him, it has also shown him its weaknesses. This realisation, associated with the knowledge that its  ashore that all is played for, has driven him to push Kairos towards developing research in eco-rennovation.

From the renovation of the Kairos building to research into bio-materials, it is close to his heart to explore, understand and invent. As with offshore racing, this means adventures in the unknown and with uncertainty but it can provide encourgin results and offers rich encounters along the way. This way of thinking is in the heart of all the projects that Kairos manages or supports ; to take on the ecological challenges like a new adventure playground of the 21st century.

Applications of this research can now be seen in the form of the surfboards, nicknamed ‘Glaz’ (the local Breton language word meaning blue-green), the colour of the sea. These prototypes principal characteristics are that they are built from organic materials. Above and beyond the technical aspects, these initiatives bring to the forefront the idea that environmental exigence is a key aspect to future development ; a subject very close to Bilou’s heart.

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